FreeWPItems.com operates a store that allows its users access to download WordPress items collected from third-party brands and developers.

Access and Enrollments

To pierce downloads at Free WP Items, a class with a provider is needed. The downloads handed are certified under colorful licenses, including but not limited to the General Public License (GNU License), personal split licenses, or with specific imprints.

The applicable license for each download can be planted next to each product table.

Support & Disclaimer

We offer sales support (pre-sale, order management, billing) and help provide necessary technical support. We give support on the following;

      • Payment/checkout error
      • Billing
      • New item request
      • Difficulty in locating a particular page or item.
      • Others

We don’t give plugin or theme support, we’re not the developer of the items, we’re just redistributing the items. If you need support, you can purchase the item directly from the developer/brand.

Alternatively, you can hire our WordPress experts – Hire the Best Freelance WordPress Expert Developers – Free WP Items


The license key item purchased is entitled to 7 days of support. A preactivated item purchased is entitled to 30 days of support. You can download the updated preactivated item if your account is active.

All payments are done manually. We do not save cards and we do not auto-charge even for a subscription. You would need to enter card details for renewal and complete payment likewise other items to be purchased.


Users are required to create an account or log in to an existing account before they can purchase or download an item. Any user who forgets his/her password can reset it. 

The user below 18 years old is responsible for any action taken, we don’t deliberately offer service to a user below 18, thus we urge you to avoid creating an account with us or simply ask anyone of yours above or 18 to purchase an item from us for you.


We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any user account without notice, at its sole and absolute discretion.

Exemplifications of reasons for termination include but aren’t limited to

      • Inordinate negativity towards Free WP Items.
      • Fraudulent practices against Free WP Items.
      • Attempts to request pirated items, hacking, spamming, or other illegal acts.
      • Not meeting the requirements to have an account with us.
      • Suspicious activity with your account.
      • Too many negative records from you.
      • Invalid email or account details.


After successfully checking out any item or subscription, the user is automatically & instantly assigned its download access.

Custom Services from Free WP Developers

Subject to service availability. We try to maintain accurate service counts on our


  1. Delivery Terms
  2. .1 Delivery Period

The service being ordered determines the delivery period.

Delivery due time starts counting after payment is successful.

Service Type

Delivery Period

UI Design

3-7 days or more

Website/Bug Fixing

5-14 days


7-30 days

2.2 On-Time & Overtime delivery

They can be situations whereby we will have to exceed the due time in order to provide the best of what our client(s)/customer(s) have requested.

However, we shall keep on notifying our clients/customer(s) when such situations arise.

3. Means of Delivery

We will deliver the project in an appropriate manner. We deliver to the email provided to us upon placing a successful order


If a service is out of availability, we will cancel and refund.


5.1 Cancellation Due To Change Of Mind

Free WP Developers will happily accept cancellation & refund due to a change of mind as long as a request to return is received by us within 3 days of project execution. However, some situations may be duly justified.

Free WP Developers will refund when cancellation is under but not limited to this situation;

  • The project is ongoing.
  • Cancellation due to change of mind without purchasing any other service(s).
  • First time ordering a service from Free WP Developers.
  • Regular cancellation of service.

For all customer service inquiries, please submit an inquiry at

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