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One of the best ways to speed up a WordPress site is to use a caching plugin. Saving a few milliseconds of load time might improve both conversion rates and search engine rankings.

You’ve probably heard of WP Rocket if you’ve been looking into caching plugins for WordPress. While it does speed up your WordPress site, WP Rocket does so much more. It’s the best tool for improving your site’s PageSpeed score and making the most of its most important web features.

Want to know where you can get your hands on the WP Rocket plugin with a license key? There is no need to search further. The WP Rocket Plugin, along with its license key, is available for download on this page. However, before we get to that, let’s take a brief look at the WP Rocket plugin and what it has to offer.

What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is an advanced caching plugin for WordPress. When it comes to caching, WordPress experts often think of this plugin as the gold standard. This theme is great for both experienced WordPress users and people who are just starting out because it is easy to customize and has built-in optimization tools.

Unlike other cache plugins, the WP rocket doesn’t need rocket science knowledge to get off the ground.

Websites that use the WP Rocket cache are guaranteed to load in a flash, which is crucial for search engine optimization and conversion rates. Most of the best ways to improve the speed of WordPress are done automatically by WP Rocket.

After activation, there is no setup required, and your site will automatically boost:

  • Your content is cached in a static HTML format for later use on desktop and mobile devices.
  • If your server runs Apache, visitors will make use of browser caching to save time by retrieving previously downloaded files from their local computers.
  • Compatible web fonts across domains (in Apache);
  • Widespread third-party plugins, themes, and hosting environments detected and supported;
  • combined use of inline and external scripts;
  • Part Cache Refresh for WooCommerce Shopping Cart

WP Rocket handles everything for you, so you don’t have to write any code to speed up your website. Benefit from faster loading times and higher GTMetrix and PageSpeed scores right away.

On the other hand, if you want to tweak its settings and get the most out of WP Rocket, you can do so with a wide variety of advanced options, such as lazy loading for images, XML sitemaps preloading, Google Fonts optimization, CSS and JS minification, deferred loading of JS files, database optimization, and many more.

WP Rocket Caching Plugin’s Key Features and Settings

Though the possibility of increased site performance is intriguing, it’s important to know whether you’ll be able to set up the plugin correctly to get the most in-depth results possible. So, keeping this in mind, let’s look at some of WP Rocket’s main features and functions.

As soon as you’ve installed it, you’ll have access to a wide range of features designed to boost your efficiency. Some of them are:

1.    Cache Settings

The cache configuration settings are accessible here:

●      Mobile cache

The vast majority of modern websites are responsive, therefore you should absolutely check this box. Unless this is fixed, the desktop version of the page will be sent to mobile users.

●      Separate cache for mobile devices

If the mobile version serves a purpose different from the desktop version, then this is required.

●      Personalized cache

All pages seen by WordPress users who are not signed in will not be cached unless this option is turned on. This, too, ought to be left in place. Except if you’re using a member plugin, such as BuddyPress.

●      Cache duration

Timeouts and deletion schedules for the cache can be configured here. WP Rocket’s default setting is 10 hours.

2.    File optimization

The settings in the file Optimizations that are along with WP-Rocket drastically reduce loading times.

●      Basic settings

○      Minify HTML

This option, which compresses the whole HTML file, should be enabled. For instance, extra spaces and comments won’t be left in.

○      Google fonts

There is only one request sent to Google for all of the typefaces that are needed. This quickens the loading process and reduces wait times.

○      Remove query strings from static resources

Eventually, url parameters will be eliminated. A URL like /style.css?ver=1.0 would be shortened to just /style.css. This can only lead to better results in tests like GMetrix.

●      CSS files

○      Minify CSS

In the same way that HTML files are compressed by eliminating comments and whitespace, CSS files are similarly compressed.

○      Summarize CSS

Numerous CSS files make up a single web page. To simplify things, this option merges all of these documents into one giant one. As a result, fewer queries are made to the database. However, if your site is currently operating on HTTP/2, this setting will significantly slow it down. Since HTTP/2 can load several tiny files in parallel, it can do this task much more quickly than it could load a single huge file. You should inquire with your host about HTTP/2 support for your website.

○      CSS exceptions

In case the minification is causing issues on your website, you can exclude certain files from being compressed here. This, of course, presupposes that you already know which file was the source of the problem.

○      Critical CSS

We consider this to be a crucial WP-Rocket setting for speeding up page loads. Important CSS style sheets will be created automatically. So that just the absolute minimum amount of CSS is loaded on load, and the rest of the CSS is only loaded in response to user actions. Site load times have significantly decreased.

●      JavaScript files

○      Minify JavaScript

Here, you can also minimize JavaScript. When problems arise, you can make an exception for the problematic JavaScript file.

○      JavaScript summary

Yet again, you can merge them into a single document. In the same way that using CSS can slow down your website, so will using HTTP/2.

○      JavaScript lazyloading

This outlook is something you should definitely consider. Variable site-wide improvements in loading times. After that point, JavaScript files are loaded. However, you should keep JQuery’s safe mode turned off, since doing so would break the majority of available themes.

3.    Media

●      Lazyloading

LazyLoad is a method wherein required files are delayed in loading until they are really needed. This assures a reduced file size and saves a lot of time. Lazy loading options for media files and iframes are available in WP Rocket (e.g. Youtube videos). WP Rocket has supported delaying the loading of background pictures since version 3.3.

●      Emojis

This option, which can reduce database searches, should always be enabled. WordPress comes with emojis of its own, which are constantly accessible. However, you may save this since emojis are available in any web browser.

●      Embeds

By doing so, you may block automated integration of your WordPress content by other services.

Other functions

The aforementioned features are the most crucial ones in WP Rocket that accelerate page loads. The other factors, as far as we can tell, do not significantly impact loading times:

●      Fill cache

After the cache timeout has passed, you can tell the system how to reload the cache. If you want this to function, you’ll need to input the XML file. The Yoast plugin makes it possible to instantly enter it with a single click. You can prevent the caching of certain pages and/or cookies from here. Cache disabling for WooCommerce-powered pages happens automatically. Inputting these extras is unnecessary.

●      Database

LazyLoad is a method in which files that are needed are not loaded until they are visible.s data will accumulate in the database and will need to be removed. As an added bonus, WP Rocket can accomplish this automatically for you.

●      CDN

If your files are being distributed via a content delivery network (CDN), you can modify relevant settings here. Apart from Cloudflare and Sucuri, all other CDNs are affected. These are included automatically.

●      Heartbeat

Heartbeat API is a feature in WordPress that checks for changes and saves them at predetermined intervals. As a result, this could place a significant burden on low-cost hosts with limited processing capacity. It is possible to minimize this API’s activity with the help of WP Rocket.

How to Configure WP Rocket Plugin for WordPress

Step 1: Download WP Rocket Plugin

Download the zip file to your local computer.

Step 2: Log in to WordPress Admin

Log in with your credentials to the WordPress administration section of your website.

Step 3: Remove W3 Total Cache

To avoid problems, you should remove and disable Cloudways’ default caching plugin, W3 Total Cache, as well as any other optimization plugins from your WordPress site.

Step 4: Install WP Rocket

The Upload Plugin option can be found under the Add Plugins sub-menu. After that, choose the location of the WP Rocket zip file you downloaded and hit the Install Now option.

Once installed, activate the plugin from the Installed Plugins section. License activation happens when you activate the plugin, so there is no need to enter an API key.

Step 5: WP Rocket Configuration

When you activate WP Rocket, page caching is automatically enabled. In the same vein, your. htaccess file will already include the most efficient rules for browser caching, GZIP, and other speed optimizations.

Download WP Rocket Plugin With License Key

You can get the WP Rocket Caching Plugin with a license key from this page for free. To start downloading right away, click the top download button. All of the content seen on this site is 100% authentic. There is no malicious software or trace of manipulation in any of the files. Even in our projects, we use them!

The developer has made their whole collection of plugins and themes available for free on their website. No changes were made before it was uploaded to our server. You have our permission to utilize any and all files on your site. You can use the same theme or plugin across an unlimited number of projects with no additional fees.

With our package, you will get;

  • WP Rocket Plugin with License Key
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  • 100% Free of Viruses, Malware, Malicious Scripts, and Backdoors.
  • We make purchases and get downloads directly from the original authors
  • The Same Products That Are Offered On the Vendor’s Official Website

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