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Touchy – WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin

Touchy is a top class cell menu then header plugin for WordPress. Designed together with smartphones into mind, it is quick, operative then remarkable comfy after use. Next in conformity with grudging been tested thoroughly regarding unique mobile devices, Touchy also event massive concerning computing device browsers, hence condition you wish, thou be able too use it regarding a full-blown laptop site.

Featuring a brand location, quickly-accessible call yet electronic mail buttons, an built-in enquire function, namely nicely as a back button or a multi-level drop-down menu, Touchy can idolize as a fulfilled cellular navigation and header solution on somebody WordPress theme. It do too lie aged to hide you affairs logo/menu by means of class/ID.

Furthermore, Touchy is relatively customizable. With simply a not much clicks ye perform trade the coloration regarding anybody element, innovate positioning options, disguise anybody regarding the menu dozen buttons, disapprove button functions, trade transparencies etc., every via the ridiculously-easy-to-use real-time Live Customizer integration. You can also usage the unstyled destruction locations to assimilate call-to-action behavior according to your menu, attach content, enter shortcodes, then some thing else thou may need. To volume up, you execute edit it in truth unrecognizable beside its non-existence appearance.

We are confident so we say Touchy is the great beneficial WordPress plugin about its kind.

To be brought every the nitty-gritty details, be fond of have a look at the whole capabilities list below.


  • Super quick setup and customization by way of the WordPress Live Customizer integration
    • Change alignments then positioning, barter opacities, ignore and/or cover elements, color customise *each singular component etc.
  • Optionally display of particular resolutions only
  • When Touchy is displayed, robotically cover thy theme menu/header by way of class/ID
  • Menu bar
    • Add customizable text labels
    • Fixed yet utmost positioning
    • Place at top then backside about screen
    • Change transparency for see-through effect
    • Re-arrange back, call, email, ask buttons
    • Replace any or every of the absence icons (500+ icons available)
    • Hide someone about the buttons
    • Color customize every button individually
    • Customize height concerning button dividers (or disguise altogether)
    • Optionally make bigger menu durbar shadow volume when a page is scrolled
    • Optionally hide menu occasion shadow
    • Color personalize each element
  • Drop-down menu
    • Multi-level accordion menu
    • Scrollable proviso too much bill items in conformity with suit about screen
    • Optionally shut menu about click/touch (useful regarding one-page websites with anchor links for example)
    • Optionally utilizes perfect bill item to originate sub-menus (by default, arrow opens the sub-menu)
    • Add icons in conformity with bill objects (500+ available)
    • Add descriptions in accordance with menu items
    • Highlight menu objects including visual indicator
    • Change bill object font greatness yet row height
    • Change menu object representation font volume then row height, strip beyond bill item
    • Use certain regarding you theme fonts into the menu
    • Two sub-menu shaft excitation preferences (flip arrowhead and animate into an ‘X’)
    • Beautifully animated
    • 2 unstyled widget locations (at pinnacle then backside over menu)
      • Insert HTML, CSS, shortcodes, usage engage codes etc. Use for some thing ye execute assume of: communicate a product, accumulate convivial buttons, spotlight content material etc.
    • Change dropdown menu’s corner roundness yet altitude concerning bottom border
    • Color personalize every element
  • Logo location
    • When website online is scrolled, the brand subtly fades outside then bill bar turns into sticky
    • Use text or add logo photograph (retina picture assist included)
    • Align brand left, center yet right
    • Optionally conceal logo location heritage and shadow
    • Add history photograph according to brand vicinity (display as like pattern and full-size, trade opacity)
    • Optionally cover complete logo area
    • Color customize each element
  • Integrated call/e-mail/search/back functions
    • Easily join telephone number, electronic mail recepient and email subject
    • Enter customized icons (500+ available) yet change the back/call/email/search/menu buttons’ services totally via linking them somewhere ye desire
    • Optionally show somebody about the buttons in imitation of logged within users only
    • Optionally conceal any yet every buttons
  • Search field
    • Change penury textfield placeholder text
    • Change default ‘Search’ button memorandum text
    • Hide ‘clear field’ option
    • Hide ‘Search’ button
    • Color customize every element
  • Background overlay
    • Displayed now enquire feature and menu opened
    • Change history color yet opacity
  • WordPress Multisite compatible
  • Clean then well-marked code
  • Thoroughly tried and tested
    • desktop, tablets, smartphones
    • iOS, Android, Windows devices
    • Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera
  • Optionally disable retina picture monument (useful postulate ye don’t use the logo function or without a doubt don’t uses retina images)
  • Customizer settings translatable
  • Proven, long-time author together with fast or friendly support
  • Lifetime unrestricted updates
  • Jargon-free documentation

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