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Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin: An Overview

Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin delivers a magnificent selection of pre-built templates. Instead of developing a website from the beginning you may import Starter Templates with a few clicks and tweak them in your style. Starter Templates are accessible with your preferred web builders and WordPress default editor.

The Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin is a top-of-the-line WordPress plugin that makes the process of setting up your website simple for you. A WordPress theme offers you the first style for your website. It is with plugins like Astra Premium Starter Template that you make your website fully functional.

Astra Premium Starter Templates is a package of 200+ import-ready websites! The templates are conversion-optimized and developed using Astra Pro and your preferred page builders. Ready-to-use beginning templates are produced using one of the following page builders: Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, or Gutenberg. Astra Premium Sites lets novices establish their first website and pros get projects off the ground quicker.

With the Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin, you won’t have to engage in additional SEO efforts since it’s compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin. Astra Premium Starter Template will provide you with the advantage that you need over your competitors.

It will enable you to build up additional features on your website. This plugin gives the best solution to deal with the commercial element of your website. It helps you to come up with a method that provides safer payment transfer and increased website security that you simply won’t obtain with any other plugin.

The nice part about these plugins is that they are simple to download and install. You can quickly integrate them with your WordPress and WooCommerce based systems. Astra Premium Starter Template Plugins is a high-end WordPress plugin that makes your life a lot simpler.

Therefore, since we have educated you about the Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin, in this article, we will be speaking on the features, pricing, and activation of the license key together with special tools used in the Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin.

Core Features of the Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin

If you want to get the most out of your SEO efforts, then we suggest you purchase the Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin. This plugin interacts seamlessly with all WordPress-based websites and takes care of your website’s security and privacy requirements.

Increased Search Engine Visibility:

Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin would complement your SEO efforts and would assist boost the online exposure of your Website it is compatible Yoast SEO plugin

Better Website Security:

Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin is a 100 per cent unique product that can be purchased here. The credit belongs to the developers. This plugin provides your website with greater security and viral threat control.

Safer Funds Transfer:

You get a safer cash transfer method with the Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin. There won’t be any harm to the privacy of your users.

Interactive UI: 

The UI is extremely interactive. You can simply install this plugin and combine it with other WordPress plugins.

No Technical Knowledge Required:

The Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin is straightforward to use. You don’t need to have any sort of coding abilities to utilize this plugin. Just install this plugin and you are set to go.

Pricing and Downloading of License Key for Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin

You may buy your Astra Premium Starter Template Plugins here at very good pricing on individual purchases, where you will gain instant access to all premium plugins, extensions, and themes on payment. A quick digital download is offered, no additional processing is required. 

Regular Updates as of when available. Usually, updates are issued daily, 100 per cent secured SSL checkout and other Core Features stated above combined with all the time you will save, it’s a product that pays for itself!

We give 24/7 hour help through Email, Live chat, Whatsapp, Skype, as well as Phone Call support.

Make your License Key Purchase now and enjoy all these Wonderful Features all to yourself!

How to Download, Install and Activate License for Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin 

To install the plugin and activate its license Follow the preceding steps below. Activating the license will enable you to import Premium starter templates.

  1. Log in to your store account.
  2. Visit Account > Downloads.
  3. Click to download the Astra Premium Starter Templates plugin.
  4. From your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and upload zip from the preceding step.

Once you enable the plugin, you will have to activate the license key.

  1. Copy the Licence Key Purchased from us.
  2. Navigate to WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins > Premium Starter Templates and click on Activate License.

Finally, a popup window will open where you need to input the license key.

Some available tools for Astra Premium Starter Template Plugins:

Astra Premium Starter Template Superfast themes:

The Astra Premium Starter Template is one of the quickest WordPress themes. It’s one of the lightest themes accessible on WordPress, which makes it one of the quickest themes.

Astra Premium Starter Template modifications:

You can quickly tweak your theme and make it appear spectacular. It’s not only the quickest theme, but you’ll also make it lovely with your creativity. You may personalize the website container, blog, single pages, articles, header, and footer. You’ll also make the header more spectacular by using the Astra pro extension. Many extra features may aid you in developing a more beautiful design.

Astra Premium Starter Template Colour and typography:

Colour and typeface are the two most simple and crucial aspects of website design. The Astra theme allows you complete flexibility to alter the color and font of your website. You’ll incorporate it consistently with yourself.

Astra Premium Starter Template performance:

It is the fastest WordPress theme. The code utilized in creating this theme is ideal, which makes it the easiest theme. There’s no jQuery utilized in this theme. In Astra Vanilla, Javascript is employed, which makes it in no time.

Astra Premium Starter Template library:

It is one of the most important libraries in the industry. Here you’ll locate all types of demo websites which you’ll import to your website, so your website will be developed in a jiffy. There are approximately 20 demo web pages in the Astra library. 

Astra Premium Starter Template is an all-in-one solution for comprehensive starting sites, single-page templates, blocks, and pictures. This plugin gives you access to the premium collection of ready templates and provides rapid access to amazing Pixabay photos that can be loaded on your website quickly.

Astra Premium Starter Template Blog design:

You may also create a blog on your website. You’ll modify the blog page and adjust the width, content, and sidebar.


It’s not simple for everyone to start with a blank page and build a whole website. A beginning point with some basic information and setup is usually important as it offers a sense of possibilities and what the end outcomes may be. Therefore, purchase your Astra Premium Starter Template Plugin with a license key now and you are good to go.

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