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  • Item Type (WP)Plugin
  • License TermsLicense Key (Lifetime)
  • VersionAuto-Update
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  • Last Updated2024-04-08

Summary of the Plugin

OxyPowerPack Life is an incredibly functional plugin that can be used as an add-on to the widely known and used Oxygen Page Builder. This add-on plugin, OxyPowerPack Life, is packed with a huge library of creative elements.

What is OxyPowerPack Lifetime?

OxyPowerPack Lifetime is an incredibly powerful add-on plugin that supercharges the popular Oxygen page builder with a massive library of new creative elements and tools.

Features of OxyPowerPack Lifetime

  1. This spectacular plugin bundle is absolutely overflowing with an impressive assortment of advanced widgets, components and features that exponentially expand Oxygen’s capabilities. It provides a vast collection of pre-designed elements like stylish buttons, elegant icons, progress bars, countdown timers and way more.
  2. With just a few clicks, you can add these beautifully designed elements to any Oxygen page and fully customize their appearance through an intuitive visual interface for adjusting colors, typography, animations, effects and more.
  3. OxyPowerPack includes dedicated components for embedding interactive charts, data tables, pricing grids and other advanced info displays that automatically pull live data from spreadsheets.
  4. It serves up slick multimedia widgets like image galleries, sliders, carousel displays and even Instagram feed integration to enhance your page layouts with rich visuals.
  5. The plugin provides powerful lead capture elements like opt-in forms, promotional banners, and exit intent popups with built-in analytics to boost conversions and grow email lists.
  6. For enhancing user experiences, OxyPowerPack delivers sticky headers/menus, scroll-based animations, off-canvas panels and mobile menu components.
  7. It even includes specialty widgets tailored specifically for Woocommerce online stores like shoppable product grids, cart modules and dynamic wish lists.

How to Download the License Key

Grabbing the unlimited lifetime license for this mind-blowing Oxygen add-on suite is super straightforward. Just purchase the license key through a secure one-time payment on Free WP Items website.  

As soon as the transaction processes, the license key will be instantly emailed to you to activate the full pro version of OxyPowerPack on your WordPress site.

OxyPowerPack Lifetime Pros and Cons  

  • One of OxyPowerPack’s biggest pros is the vast depth and quality of its design elements and pre-built widgets, exponentially increasing your creative capabilities in Oxygen.
  • Its specialty components for multimedia, lead capture, data visualization, and Woocommerce integration are another massive advantage most addons lack.
  • The plugin’s lifetime update model ensures you perpetually receive all new widgets and features the developers add over time without additional costs.
  • In terms of potential cons, the premium pricing could dissuade users on tight budgets despite the value. Though, the lifetime model negates recurring fees.
  • Some could also view being an Oxygen add-on as a con if they don’t want to use that builder. But most recognize Oxygen’s power worth adopting.

User Testimonies

“As a web design agency, OxyPowerPack has been an absolute gamechanger for enhancing the quality and depth of our Oxygen builds for clients!” Sara B., Web Designer

“I was getting bored with the design limits of Oxygen until OxyPowerPack blew the doors open on creativity. Now my websites are next-level!” – Youssef M., Business Owner

Final Thoughts on OxyPowerPack Lifetime

  • Oxygen has rapidly emerged as one of the premier visual website builders for WordPress thanks to its intuitive front-end editing capabilities. But its potential is truly unlocked when coupled with the limitless creative toolbox that is OxyPowerPack.
  • This best-in-class add-on suite delivers a truly staggering assortment of designer elements, dynamically updating data components, multimedia widgets, conversion assets and so much more – vastly expanding Oxygen’s core functionality.
  • With its incredible depth and versatility compared to other add-on packs, OxyPowerPack eliminates the need to purchase, juggle and integrate a dozen separate plugins to achieve similar solutions.
  • And by offering lifetime updates through an affordable one-time pricing model, this plugin represents an investment that keeps paying dividends for your Oxygen-powered WordPress projects as new features continuously roll out.
  • If you’re an Oxygen user looking to unlock maximum design freedom and take your client websites and agency projects to new creative heights without constraints, the OxyPowerPack Lifetime is an invaluable force-multiplier that deserves a top spot in your arsenal.



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