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  • Last Updated2024-04-08

Summary of the Plugin

In the WordPress and WooCommerce dotcom, a fine online store design is as crucial as the products being offered. Breathe easy with Oxygen for WooCommerce that provides a complete visual control for you to make the finest jaw-dropping eCommerce websites and stores that convert amazingly.

What is Oxygen WooCommerce Lifetime?

In the world of WordPress and WooCommerce, having a sweet online store design is just as important as the products you’re selling. Oxygen WooCommerce Lifetime is the best plugin that gives you complete visual control to craft jaw-dropping ecommerce websites and stores that convert like crazy.


Features of Oxygen WooCommerce Lifetime 

  • This plugin is a total gamechanger for WooCommerce designers and developers working with the incredible Oxygen Builder. It unlocks powerful new WooCommerce-specific capabilities and custom modules to take your online stores to new heights.
  • For starters, you get dedicated custom modules for displaying products, categories, filters, cart contents, and more – all visually customizable down to the finest details through Oxygen’s intuitive interface. No more wrestling with shortcodes or limited ecommerce blocks.
  • The product gallery module alone is an absolute beast, letting you showcase physical and digital goods with advanced filtering, pagination, quick-view lightboxes and tons of styles. You can even display products from specific categories, on sale, featured – the possibilities are endless.
  • Crafting conversion-boosting single product page designs is a piece of cake too. Custom sections for product info, galleries, related products, tabs and more can all be visually constructed and customized. Integrating tools like sales countdown timers, stock countdown bars and product video players is simple.
  • But Oxygen WooCommerce really shines with its optimized WooCommerce flows for things like cart, checkout, customer account management and more. Every aspect is visually customizable and future-proof thanks to Oxygen’s unmatched updating system.
  • User experience enhancements like smart AJAX functionality for filtered product grids, single-page checkout flows, and quick buy/cart update abilities create buttery smooth shopping experiences that customers crave.
  • Get ready to wave goodbye to wrestling with WooCommerce’s awkward template files and limited customization too. Oxygen WooCommerce Lifetime effectively replaces most of WooCommerce’s templates with dynamic, reusable components controlled by Oxygen.


Getting the License Key

  1. This plugin is a premium product offered by the talented folks at Oxygen Builder LLC but it way little pricey. You can get the plugin at lower cost from Free WP Items.
  2. For a very reasonable one-time fee, you get lifetime updates, unlimited site licenses. Free plugin updates are pushed out regularly with new features, improvements and WooCommerce integration upgrades.
  3. It’s a no-brainer investment if you’re running an Oxygen-powered WooCommerce store in need of ultimate customization abilities.


How It Compares

  • While there are other WooCommerce plugins and addons that provide additional functionality or design options, none of them even come close to the complete design freedom that Oxygen WooCommerce Lifetime offers if you’re an Oxygen Builder user.
  • Those other plugins still rely on WooCommerce templates and shortcodes at their core. But with Oxygen WooCommerce, you get to visually control and customize every single aspect of the ecommerce experience through Oxygen’s intuitive interface.
  • The smooth integration, seamless updating system, and premium componentry are unmatched. Why settle for bolting on limited plugins when you can reconstruct the entire WooCommerce architecture for your stores visually?
  • It’s the ultimate future proofed solution that makes redesigning your WooCommerce stores down the road effortless. No more wrestling with codebase conflicts when WooCommerce gets updated either.  



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