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Summary of the Plugin

In the world of WordPress and Gutenberg, being able to manage what and how something appears on your content editor is vital. It is oxygen gutenberg lifetime plugin that gives the Gutenberg block editor the opportunity to create remarkable design using the Oxygen Builder, which is powerful.

What is Oxygen Gutenberg Lifetime?

In the world of WordPress and Gutenberg, having full design control over your content editor is key. Oxygen Gutenberg Lifetime is the plugin that unlocks next-level visual customization for the Gutenberg block editor when using the powerful Oxygen Builder.


Features of Oxygen Gutenberg Lifetime

  • This plugin is a real game changer for anyone who’s felt restricted by the limited styling abilities of WordPress’ default Gutenberg editor. It injects Oxygen Builder’s unmatched visual customization superpowers directly into the Gutenberg environment.
  • First off, you get a truckload of new custom Gutenberg blocks to work with like accordions, modals, hotspots, dividers and so much more. But here’s where it gets really crazy – every single one of those blocks (including core Gutenberg ones) can be visually styled down to the literal pixel through Oxygen.
  • We’re talking custom everything – fonts, colors, backgrounds, borders, spacing, you name it. All applied through Oxygen’s intuitive visual interface, no code required. Those boring basic block styles get kicked to the curb.
  • Gutenberg’s default behaviors and functionality get amped up too. We’re talking upgraded column controls, responsive editing handles right in the sidebar, keyboard shortcuts and tools optimized specifically for block construction and layout building.
  • But the real game changer here is the ability to save complete custom block layouts as reusable templates or patterns. That means constructing rich, ultra-custom design systems and content components which can be rolled out across your Gutenberg content effortlessly. 
  • Building authority-style editorial layouts, brand catalogs, client view books and more gets streamlined massively. No more wasting time repeatedly recreating the same look manually for every post or page.
  • Plus you get extra workflow boosts like smarter copy/paste functionality, keyboard shortcuts for common actions, and front-end design cues which make building in Gutenberg a dream compared to before.


How to get a License Key

  • Developed by the talented team at Oxygen Builder LLC, Oxygen Gutenberg Lifetime is a premium plugin that requires purchasing a license key to access. But doing so directly on their website is a little bit pricey.
  • For a very reasonable one-time fee, you get lifetime product updates and unlimited site licenses. New feature additions and integration upgrades get rolled out automatically too.
  • If you’re already an Oxygen Builder user enhancing Gutenberg’s capabilities both visually and functionally, this add-on is a no-brainer investment that provides insane value in the long run.  


How It Compares 

  • While WordPress does have other plugins attempting to enhance or customize Gutenberg, nothing else on the market even comes close to what Oxygen Gutenberg Lifetime delivers in terms of raw customization power.
  • Those lightweight editor styling plugins can tweak some fonts and colors at best. But they still leave you shackled by Gutenberg’s default rigid components and layouts.  
  • And your typical page builder bundle or block collections mostly just give you new pre-designed blocks to drop in. But modifying their look and feel is still surface-level basic styling at most.
  • Only Oxygen Gutenberg arms you with the depth of customization required to craft completely custom content design systems from the ground up, all visually controlled and branded to perfection to match your sites.
  • With Oxygen’s unmatched updating system and premium support behind it, this plugin is truly in a class of its own for futureproofed Gutenberg enhancements.


User Testimonials

“Oxygen Gutenberg has completely revolutionized how I design and construct Gutenberg content!”

“I’m blown away at the level of custom design control this plugin provides over the basic Gutenberg editor.”

“An essential tool for any serious Oxygen Builder user working with WordPress’ block editor.”


Final Thoughts

  • If you’re already using Oxygen Builder for WordPress web design, adding Oxygen Gutenberg Lifetime to your toolkit should be a no-brainer. This plugin seamlessly blends the obsessive visual customization powers of Oxygen with the simplicity of the WordPress block editor.
  • What results is a truly custom, branded editorial design experience where your content layouts and components are crafted pixel-perfectly to match your vision without compromise. No more fighting against Gutenberg’s rigid defaults and limitations.
  • From the reusable design patterns to the wealth of new custom blocks, keyboard shortcuts and core functionality boosts, Oxygen Gutenberg will utterly transform your Gutenberg workflow for the better. It injects a serious professional edge.
  • With lifetime pricing and unlimited sites licensing, plus Oxygen’s excellent support team behind it, this plugin offers exceptional long-term value too. Highly recommended for anyone serious about leveling up their Gutenberg game.




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