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Mapplic – Custom Interactive Map WordPress Plugin

Mapplic is the #1 customized map WordPress plugin on the web. Turn simple pix then vector photographs among excessive quality, soft-hearted or totally interactive maps.

Key Features

  • Unlimited landmarks: places with unique pins and more than a few actions
  • Unlimited floors: more than one floors are supported without any limitation
  • Deeplinking: each and every vicinity do be referenced via its very own URL
  • Responsive design: presents ideal journey throughout a large spread about devices
  • Touch optimized: touchscreen devices, like drugs yet smartphones, are additionally supported
  • Admin interface: user friendly backend
  • Well documented: a elaborate person information is included

The Ultimate Versatile Solution

Sometimes a tile-based internet mapping service, as Google Maps then OpenStreetMap, simply won’t reduce it, or that’s the place Mapplic comes within its own. You do add anybody of you personal maps then vector drawings, then pick beside our massive built-in directory, or transform to them between a dynamic, interactive experience. These are just incomplete regarding the instances now this flexible, compassionate map software is the Felicitous solution:

  • Building flooplans: buying malls, hospitals, schools, airports, people buildings
  • Illustrated maps: ski maps, isometric maps, yet illustrations about some kind
  • Temporary maps: camps, festivals and something so much is not a permanent site
  • Maps because of shifting vessels, kind of cruise ships
  • Historical maps: re-create historic landscapes, websites and buildings
  • Fantasy maps: RPG then lousy video recreation maps, then fictional realms

The only monitoring is you personal imagination!

Your site isn’t powered by means of WordPress? Try the jQuery version over Mapplic!

One-of-a-Kind Map Plugin

Mapplic is embark apart out of somebody other map software of the market by means of its large length on utilizes yet uniquely wealthy package deal about features. A simply multi-purpose then utterly customizable chart WordPress plugin, Mapplic makes such effortless to flip photos and svg vectors of high quality, expert then interactive maps then floorplans concerning all kinds.

Fully Customizable and Unlimited

With that remaining customized interactive map plugin, you execute highlight vast landmarks then areas including customizable pins, icons yet a number actions, and with deeplinking, every region be able stand referenced via its personal URL. Mapplic also permits vast floors, construction it ideal because big commons buildings, such as like airports yet hospitals.

Built-in Maps

Mapplic is the just advanced and comprehensive desire so such comes in conformity with world, continent or united states of america maps.

The built-in portfolio includes the nearly popular 15 geographical maps: World, World Continents, Europe, United States (USA), Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom (UK), The Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, China, Brazil.

We are constantly increasing our on-line map listing including free, high characteristic maps, including Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Spain.

Responsive or Interactive Experience

Your Mapplic maps or floorplans are soft-hearted or touchscreen optimized, and so users do revel in a fully functional, interactive journey concerning mobile, tablet, and even beside a touchscreen kiosk. The collection about categories then searchable and filterable lists makes such also less complicated for customers in accordance with find as they’re searching for, certain namely finding a specific shop between a purchasing mall. Features such so zoom and pan, minimap yet tooltip add in conformity with the finest or intuitive person experience regarding it special chart plugin.

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