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Summary of the Plugin

Download Gravity Forms with a lifetime license key. Arguably, the most advanced and flexible plugin for WordPress is Gravity Forms.

What is Gravity Forms Pro?

Let’s be real – building forms is probably not high on anyone’s list of fun website tasks. That’s what makes Gravity Forms Pro such a game-changer for WordPress users. This premium plugin completely redesigns the form-building process, making it an enjoyable, intuitive experience to create powerful data-capture forms, surveys, quizzes and almost any other type of advanced form you can dream up.

Features of Gravity Forms Pro  

  • Gravity Forms Pro brings the firepower and depth you need for professional-grade form solutions on WordPress, all packaged into a user-friendly visual builder that even beginners can master:
  • The Drag & Drop Editor – This innovative editor lets you construct multi-page, conditionally-logic forms by quite literally dragging and dropping fields into place on the canvas. It’s a surprisingly fun and simple way to build even the most complex forms without touching any code.
  • A Forms Field Playground – Within the editor, you get full access to an endless library of form fields way beyond basic inputs – things like file uploads, signatures, pricing fields, captchas, you name it. If you need a custom field type, just let the Gravity Forms community know and they’ll likely whip it up for you.
  • Smarter Conditional Logic – Setting up rules for showing/hiding certain fields or pages based on user responses is stupid easy with the intuitive conditional logic interface. You can craft intelligent, dynamic forms that respond and adapt based on the data someone enters.
  • The Data Control Center – Gravity Forms keeps all your form submissions organized in one centralized database with filtering tools to view, search, export, edit and make sense of every piece of data coming in – no more losing entries to the WordPress ether.
  • Pricing & Payment Wizardry – Need to collect payments or recurring subscription fees through your forms? Gravity Forms Pro integrates seamlessly with all the popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, to process transactions right from your forms.
  • Those are just the highlights – Gravity Forms is absolutely loaded with advanced capabilities like scheduling, dynamic population of fields from data sources, mobile-friendly stylings and so much more. 

How to Get the License Key

The base version of Gravity Forms is free to use, but to unlock the full Pro suite of features you’ll need to purchase a license key. Free WP Items can provide a reasonable price as low as just $15 compared to the real price on the official site which is very pricey, this purchase is for use for unlimited sites.

Once you add to your cart and complete the checkout process over at Free WP Items, the team will instantly email you your license key to activate Gravity Forms Pro on WordPress. Easy peasy.

Gravity Forms Pro vs Other WordPress Form Plugins

  • When you look at the form solution landscape for WordPress, Gravity Forms Pro stands out as the Bobby Flay of premium options. Many other plugins are either lightweight cheap-os that can barely handle basic forms, or bloated monstrosities full of code vulnerabilities.
  • Gravity Forms strikes that perfect balance of powerful capabilities with a user-friendly, mostly code-free experience – wrapped in a secure, regularly-updated package from developers who actually know what they’re doing.
  • On top of that, Gravity Forms plays extremely well with other software, offering a huge library of integrations and addons to extend its functionality even further with payment processors, email marketing tools, CRMs and more.
  • For exceptional WordPress form creation, it’s hard to beat the depth, ease-of-use and top-notch support Gravity Forms Pro provides for such a reasonable entry cost.

User Testimonies

“Gravity Forms Pro has been a huge timesaver for creating client surveys, quizzes and lead capture forms – incredibly intuitive!” – @SarahSiteDev

“Was blown away by the powerful conditional logic features packed into this plugin. Simplified so many workflows for us.” – @MonetizingMaster  

Final Thoughts on Gravity Forms Pro

  • At the end of the day, forms are just one of those necessary evils that every website needs in some capacity. Gravity Forms Pro completely reimagines and optimizes that process for the modern WordPress user.
  • With its brilliant visual drag-and-drop editor, expansive field library, and advanced capabilities like conditional logic, file uploads and payment processing – Gravity Forms Pro delivers the most well-rounded, usable form solution on the market bar none.  
  • Better yet, it wraps all of that firepower into a mostly code-free experience that’s shockingly intuitive and friendly for users of any skill level to pick up and run with.
  • For freelancers, agencies, or brands looking to level up their data-capture game with powerful, secure WordPress forms, treat yourself to Gravity Forms Pro already. It’s a worthwhile investment you’ll have absolutely no regrets about once you start using it.


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