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  • VersionAuto-update
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  • Last Updated2024-03-30

Summary of the Plugin

You can download this Pro plugin “Unlimited Elements for Elementor” with a lifetime license key. This plugin has many widgets, styling options, a template library and even the biggest query loop builder.

What is Unlimited Elements for Elementor

This is an addon plugin for the Elementor page builder that gives and extends the features of Elementor for WordPress web designers. This plugin has many widgets, styling options, a template library and even the biggest query loop builder.

Key Features of Unlimited Elements for Elementor

Custom New Widgets

There are many customizable widgets to choose from in the Unlimited Elements for Elementor plugin. It could be a simple button or a complex pricing table, this addon has you covered.

Categories of Widgets

It has the following categories of widgets to use when designing a page with the addon plugin.

  • Creative Widgets
  • Tools
  • Post Widgets
  • Post Filters & Tools
  • Form Builder
  • Woo Widgets
  • Marketing Widgets
  • Loop Builder
  • Remote Control Widgets
  • Menu Widgets
  • Content Widgets
  • Media Widgets
  • Carousel Widgets
  • Infographic Widgets
  • Testimonials
  • Team Members
  • Content Boxes
  • Instagram Widgets
  • Logo Widgets
  • Hover Effects
  • Button Widgets
  • Typography
  • Icon Boxes
  • Block Quotes
  • Social Network Icons
  • Separators and Dividers
  • Hero Widgets

List Features from Unlimited Elements for Elementor

  1. Widget Library
  2. Template Library
  3. Background Widgets
  4. Widget Creator
  5. Filter Widgets
  6. Form Builder
  7. Post Widgets & Filters
  8. Woo Widgets & Filters
  9. Multi-Source
  10. Live Copy Paste
  11. Sync Between Widgets
  12. Remote Control Widgets
  13. Mega Menu
  14. Mega Slider
  15. Dynamic Loop Builder
  16. Advanced Post Query
  17. Advanced Product Query
  18. Multi-Source Galleries
  19. AJAX Search
  20. Sequence Animation
  21. Dynamic Post Popup
  22. Calculators
  23. Contact Forms
  24. Integrations

List of Widgets in Pro Version

  • 300+ Premium Widgets
  • 100+ Page Templates
  • 20+ Backgrounds
  • Live Copy Paste
  • Mega Menu
  • Mega Slider
  • Dynamic Loop Builder
  • Multi-Source Widgets
  • Multi-Source Galleries
  • Widget Creator
  • Advanced Post Query
  • Advanced Product Query
  • Sync Widgets Together
  • Remote Control Widgets
  • Pagination
  • Load More / Infinite Scroll
  • AJAX Search
  • WooCommerce Widgets
  • Dynamic Post Popup
  • Sequence Entrance Animations
  • Calculators
  • Post Filters & Tools
  • Instagram Widgets
  • API Integrations

Template Library

The addon has a library for pre-designed templates. It has World-class Elementor templates crafted using the Unlimited Elements widgets available in free & Pro plugin versions. These templates can be used and customized to fit one’s website style and layout, saving time and effort in the design process.

Advanced Styling Options

These allow you to develop & design your website with Unlimited Elements for Elementor’s advanced styling options. It even has widget creation, allowing you to easily create custom Elementor widgets.

Downloading the License key

At Free WP Items, we provide the license key you need. You can buy it and start using it right away.

Our license keys are available at a lower price compared to what developers typically sell them for. We do this to make premium WordPress themes and plugins more affordable for everyone. Be rest assured, these are valid keys that you can use without any issues.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Purchase the item you’re interested in.
  • Download the files along with the key (if it’s included).
  • Install and activate the plugin or theme license using the provided key.
  • If you need any help with license activation, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

And remember, you can easily update your WordPress themes and plugins right from your WP dashboard.

Final Thoughts on Unlimited Elements for Elementor

This plugin has features that would be best for WordPress web designers who are developer-minded. If you know how to code, it’s an added advantage. The ability to build query loops and create custom widgets is a big feature that comes with the plugin. Some features are not all available for free but can be obtained from the paid version. You may not have enough to afford it but you can afford our offer, with this you get to use the addon plugin limitlessly.


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