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  • Product Version: 3.16.2
  • Product Last Updated: 08-10-2023
    License: GPL

Are you searching for a page builder that can help you arrange your website’s content? If so, Elementor Pro is the correct solution for you because it includes a plethora of Content Modules such as headlines, photos, sentences, videos, buttons, dividers, spacers, icons, image galleries as well as counters, carousels, social media icons, testimonials, shortcodes, and many other features. These modules can be placed anywhere on a user’s web page with no restrictions.

The plugin has an easy-to-use drag and drops feature that allows users to organize and arrange the contents of their website. It ensures that the user does not require HTML/CSS/PHP/coding expertise to handle anything through an easy-to-use interface. This drag-and-drop user interface works on the website’s interface and also provides real-time previews of the adjustments made by the users.

The preconfigured Elementor Pro Templates are popular among WordPress users since they save them a huge amount of time because they can just import the template to their website and begin working on it right away. The templates are built and developed precisely to meet the demands and requirements of various company niches. The free version has 150+ templates, while the Pro edition includes 300+ more. Online editing is a simple and natural way of creating blog articles and other content. There are over 400 well-designed models for various businesses and purposes on Elementor pro.

Users do not have to worry about theme compatibility while using this page builder plugin because it is recognized for being compatible with all major WordPress themes such as Astra Theme, Bimber Theme, and any other WordPress theme. Users may also obtain full control and authority over the theme design by altering the heading, button, form field, background, and image styles.

If you want to establish an efficient marketing plan by combining your company website with many beneficial plugins, then Elementor pro will assist you in improving your business website’s conversion rate. Zapier, MailChimp, HubSpot, ConvertKit, Drip, Slack, and GetResponse are all supported by the plugin.

Every aspect of Elementor Pro is fully available, mobile-friendly, and optimized for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. There is also a large selection of pre-made templates available. These can also be used as a starting point for your own design. All templates may be saved and reused on other pages. They are exportable and importable.

Elementor Pro’s Key Features

  1. For mobile editing and visualization, full LTR and RTL support is provided.
  2. According to the list of translated languages, the number of translations into 23 different languages is growing.
  3. Custom breakpoints for tablets and tablets with specific device dimensions that can be modified to your website
  4. Footer and header
  5. Dynamic pages, widgets, and other features.
  6. Drag and Drop Editor
  7. The front-end editor
  8. Live Option Preview
  9. Website performance is quick.  
  10. Templates for import and export are available.
  11. Pre-built templates are included.
  12. Support for a variety of marketing tools
  13. Numerous typographic alternatives
  14. Allows for the positioning of inline items.
  15. Fantastic icon support.
  16. Create responsive mobile pages
  17. Designers of landing pages
  18. Scheme markup is supported.
  19. Drag-and-drop theme builder.
  20. Making customized posting templates
  21. Create 404 pages and search
  22. Slider Revolution is supported.
  23. Third-party widget support
  24. Integration of a Lightweight SEO Plugin
  25. Google fonts are supported.
  26. Pro-elector Page Builder Drag and Drop The quickest and most automated WordPress editor is included with Null.
  27. Get high-quality designs that are code-friendly.
  28. In widgets, you can have as much as you want

Pricing for Elementor Pro

So far, we’ve proven that Elementor and Elementor Pro are both feature-rich. Elementor is also accessible for free. Elementor Pro, on the other hand, is inexpensive.

Elementor Pro has three price options

  • Personal- $49 per year for a website
  • Plus- $99 per year for 3 sites
  • Expert- $199 per year for 1000 sites

Below is a brief list of the basic things included in each plan.

  • 50+ Professional Widgets
  • 300+ Professional Templates
  • 10+ Complete website kits
  • 1 year of support and updates 
  • Woo-Commerce Builder
  • Theme Builder  
  • Pop-up Builder 
  • Form Builder

Keep in mind that all plans provide the same services; the only change is the number of sites on which the license key may be used.

See the below screenshots.

without activation
Before Activation



After Activation


How to activate Elementor Pro license

After successfully installing Elementor Pro, you will notice a notification at the top of your WordPress dashboard requesting you to Connect and Activate your license.

Elementor Pro license key activation

After successfully installing Elementor Pro, you will notice a notification at the top of your WordPress dashboard requesting you to Connect and Activate your license.

Activation of the Elementor Pro license key

Elementor Pro license keys are used to validate your purchase. It’s a necessary step in receiving assistance from the support team as well as updates.

It is critical to understand that you will not have access to Premium Updates, Support, and Template library until you activate your license.

That being said,

  1. To activate your Elementor Pro license, go to your WordPress admin and select the Connect and Activate option.
  2.  doing so will take you to a new page that displays the name of your site as well as the email address associated with your Elementor account.
  3.  will display the license and the expiration date just below it. All of this is followed by the Activate button.
  4. Here, you must click the Activate button, which will return you to your WordPress dashboard and show the status of your license as Active under Elementor License settings
  5. The licensing status of your Elementor Pro is active.

Also, if you go to your Elementor Account now, you will see the website you connected listed under the Websites area.

That’s all there is to it; you’ve successfully activated Elementor Pro on your WordPress website.

Pros and Cons

As a last remark, let’s take a look at some of Elementor’s best and worst features.


  • Elementor’s real-time drag-and-and-drop editor simplifies the WordPress site design process.
  • Over 90 widgets, landing pages, popups, and forms are all included in Elementor’s extensive toolkit.
  • On all paid subscriptions, you’ll have access to live chat assistance and a supportive community of other web designers.
  • Upsells, user accounts, related items, product carousels, and more are just some of the tools you’ll find in the sales toolbox.
  • A lot of time can be saved for clients by employing Elementor website kits on their websites with the Studio plan. All Elementor Pro plans include these, but Elementor Pro Expert adds 20 expert website kits.
  • You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to personalization.
  • Incorporation with well-known advertising tools is possible via its APIs. Simply copy the integration’s API key from your WordPress dashboard and paste it into your Elementor plugin.


  • According to some users, Elementor slows down their website’s performance. As a compromise for non-technical users who don’t want to utilize the speedier block editor in WordPress, this may be an option.
  • Cart and checkout pages can’t currently be edited.
  • It’s not uncommon for updates to create problems and alter the way things function. It might be tough to keep up with Elementor’s regular upgrades and the issues that often accompany them.
  • WordPress introduced WYSIWYG components to the main platform in 2021. As a result, WordPress users will soon be able to make changes to their whole site without leaving the platform. If you’re a little less tech-savvy, Elementor’s price tag may not be worth it.
  • Elementor’s customer service has historically received harsh criticism. The corporation faced outrage in 2020 after a buggy upgrade. Reinforcing their support for the strategy, they’ve since published remarks.

Customer Support

All premium Elementor users have access to the Elementor support staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week (starting from the Elementor Pro Essential plan). You will get in touch with them using a live ticketing system, and you can expect a response from them within one business day. Messages from paid users are preferred above those from free users.

When troubleshooting and resolving difficulties, customer service representatives often enter into the dashboards of premium customers. It’s a bit of a pity that this feature isn’t accessible to everyone. VIP support, on the other hand, guarantees response times of less than 30 minutes for Elementor Pro Studio and above.

However, email, live chat, and phone assistance are presently unavailable for customers.

They provide a self-service help center where you can discover a broad selection of articles on all the most important aspects of the service, as well. The Elementor community is also flourishing. The last time we looked, there had only been a few new posts and responses on the forum. There’s a good chance that someone will respond to your concerns!

Customer Reviews

No matter where you are in the globe, Elementor has a large number of satisfied customers. With over 5,465 5-star ratings and a 4.7-star rating at the time of this writing, the plugin is a hit with WordPress users.

The builder’s straightforward site design tools have been praised by many users. Some think Elementor has given them the ability to accomplish things with their website that they wouldn’t have been able to achieve without it.

However, on TrustPilot, the average rating is only 2.9 out of five stars, with 219 reviews totalling that number. Many customers have complained about the slowness and unresolvedness of the company’s customer assistance.

Elementor, on the other hand, has taken steps to reply to unfavorable feedback on a variety of review sites. Because of this, it’s always working on improving its product and user experience.


In closing, here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we’ve received concerning Elementor pro:

What Elementor-compatible themes are there?

More than 30 free templates are available, while more than 300 are available for purchase. More than 60 website templates are included in the pro plans as well.

Is there a theme you prefer? Elementor is compatible with almost any WordPress theme that follows the same coding standards. There’s no need to convert to an Elementor theme if you don’t want to.

Which Elementor Themes Are the Best?

To customize any theme’s header, footer, solo articles, and archive page, you can use Elementor Theme Builder.

Most themes should work with Elementor, however, if you want the quickest performance, choose the Hello Elementor theme, which is a stripped-down version of Elementor.

What is the Hello Theme in Elementor?

Elementor’s “Hello” theme serves as a clean slate for any project. Elementor’s website builder can be used to create a whole new website using this theme. Nonetheless, if you have a solid understanding of web design, we would suggest this theme. Others who know what they’re doing with Hello may get a lot more out of it than those who don’t.

With the Elementor Theme Builder, you may personalize it to your heart’s content in less than a second. Take note that the Hello Elementor theme was created only for Elementor Pro. Therefore you need to purchase the Elementor pro to be able to use Hello.

Is it possible to use Elementor with other plugins?

Elementor is compatible with almost any WordPress plugin, not only WooCommerce. The company asks that you contact them if you discover a WordPress plugin that interferes with the Elementor editor on your website.

Is Elementor capable of modifying all WooCommerce pages?

Elementor lets you alter any of your WordPress site’s pages, such as the homepage, contact page, and more.

You can only update and archive product page layouts in WooCommerce for now. Your store’s checkout and cart pages will be editable in the coming updates as well.


Elementor Pro includes all of the widgets you’ll ever need in Elementor. This is the first plugin of its kind that integrates every widget on the market and off the market while also improving its performance. It is a custom-made plugin that has hundreds of features.

Ensure that you obtain your Elementor Pro and License key from this page.

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