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Free WP Developers is a WordPress agency. We pair clients with the top WordPress professionals. We assist clients in solving any WordPress-related issues.
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Our Services

Your Center of World-Class WordPress Specialists

Your Center of World-Class WordPress Specialists for Short-Term, Recurrent, And Permanent Projects.


Create stunning designs for any website, page, or application.


Create new or improve current e-commerce websites.


Create unique solutions for your online presence requirements.


Customize the functionality of an existing website or create a new one from scratch.


Customize the appearance of your website or create one from scratch.


Enable communication between your website and any other online resource.


Fix important problems immediately and keep your website up at all times.


Maintain your website’s security and performance.


If Our Word Isn't Enough

Your Center of World-Class WordPress Specialists for Short-Term, Recurrent, And Permanent Projects.

They delivered everything very quickly

The client was impressed with Free WP Developers’ efficiency — the team delivered reliable services ahead of schedule without sacrificing quality. Moreover, the assigned project manager was very competent in terms of making sure all tasks were tracked and submitted on time.

Manager, MK Real Estate Management

97% of WordPress specialists with 10 or more years of industry experience

The average rating for a project is 4.95 stars.

Every month, more than 20 jobs are completed without any problems.

Randy Tye

Clients are so satisfied that 96% said they would use them again.

During business hours, the average interaction with customer care takes less than 7 minutes. It was a well-built platform for CRM.

Denise Clinton

Our Consciousness

The Approach We Use to Recruit Top-Tier WordPress Developers

Procedures we use to ensure the highest quality of hires
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  • Evaluation by Experts

    After filling out a detailed online application, candidates are judged on how well they speak and write English, as well as how much professional WordPress and freelancing experience they have.

  • Technical Evaluation
    Then, they take part in trial development work that is evaluated by both our recruiters and our specialists to determine their level of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and code quality.
  • Live coding exam and behavioral interview

    Then, to make sure they can “walk the walk,” we put them through a rigorous in-person interview where we test their personality, communication skills, and technical aptitude.

  • The Free WP Items Academy test

    Each candidate is required to complete what we call “The Free WP Items Academy,” an in-house training program that ensures they are acquainted with all of our procedures, policies, and quality standards.

  • 90-day trial period

    After starting work on actual projects, candidates have 90 days to prove their skills, thoroughness, professionalism, and honesty to our staff.

  • The Constant Evaluation of Performance

    Without a doubt, professionals are required to maintain the current high standards. If they don’t perform, we dismiss them swiftly and with respect.

Few of the Wordpress Developers We've Thoroughly Vetted

Featured team members.
  • Dev Team

    WordPress, Development
    Handling core WordPress tools development
  • Fabian van Vliet

    WordPress, Web Design
    Web design, website planning, modification
  • Ayobami Isaac

    UI/UX Design / Graphics
    Expert in UI/UX for WordPress websites.
  • Lilly Eyre

    Content writing
    Web contents, copywriting and blog articles.
  • Ryan North

    WordPress, SEO/UX
    Vetted for SEO. Structuring clients' website for SEO.
  • Arvind Parsa

    WordPress, eCommerce
    Swift handling of eCommerce related issues.

Trusted by the leading WordPress companies.

Earned awards & certifications from different platforms
Our Consciousness

Get a WordPress Developer in Less Than 24 Hours.

Our developer(s) would be assigned to your project in a matter of a few hours.
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Tell us what you need, and we will do whatever it takes, from minor tweaks to full website development.


We will put you in touch with the best developer for your project so that you can discuss your needs and fully define the scope of the work.


Get a single quote, choose and employ your developer of choice, and get to work.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Where & how to hire a WordPress Developer?

    Free WP Developers holds an agency of world-class WordPress experts. You can hire Free WP Developers to create a very powerful website for you. All you need is to submit your project details and start consultation.

  • What kinds of projects are permitted on Free WP Items?

    From small changes and fixes (like fixing 404 errors, broken plugins, slow databases, and “white screens of death”) to server and website maintenance (like website migrations, theme and plugin updates, and speed and security optimizations) to full custom development (like making a brand-new theme or plugin or designing and building a whole new website).

  • What is the cost?

    For each project request on Free WP Items, there is a set price estimate that takes into account the overall size, complexity, and time frame of the work. Our price page includes several case studies and rough estimates for future projects.


  • When I describe my project, how do you find the best developers to work on it?

    Our in-house matching system will find the best developer for your project based on the details of your project and the availability of our developers. In addition, we have a policy that states our specialists may only apply for jobs they are certain they can do on time and to the highest standards.

  • How quickly will I hear back from an expert?

    Most of the time, you should hear back from experts and get their help on your project within three to five hours. If you haven’t heard back from an expert within that period, please contact our support staff and they will investigate your case and get it in front of the right people as soon as possible.


  • My work has to be done right now. Can you help?

    It all depends on your sense of urgency, however. Most of the time, it takes specialists three to five hours to start looking at your project and talking about it, and another twenty-two to twenty-four hours to finish scoping it and figuring out how much it will cost. If you haven’t heard back from an expert within this time limit, please contact our support staff and they will investigate your project and get it in front of the right people as soon as possible.


  • Is there any refund policy in place?

    Yes, we have a refund policy that ensures you’ll get your money back if the developer you hired fails to complete the project under the agreed-upon scope of work. If you and the developer can’t agree on the amount of the refund, we’ll use our internal dispute resolution mechanism to do so.


    Here are a few clarifications:


    The Free WP Items charge is never refundable, even if a refund is warranted in whole or in part.

    As long as the project has not been certified as complete, there is no time limit on when you can ask for a refund if you have not received the promised work. Once you’ve marked the project as complete, we can no longer provide a refund since you’ve effectively said, “Yes, the work done is according to the scope and I’m totally satisfied.”

  • Do I have to pay to submit a project with Free WP Items?

    Putting in a project doesn’t cost anything, and you don’t have to hire a professional even after getting an estimate.

  • So what if I have additional questions?

    Questions? We’re here to help.

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•No Cost Estimate    •No hiring obligation    • Risk-free


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